More than just maids...

When we started Tidy Tribe, we were down on our luck. Simo was working for a private school in Tacoma as a housekeeper and it had been 2 years since he was offered a significant raise. He was making only a few dollars above minimum wage and it was obvious his career was going nowhere. Simo had only arrived in America a few years earlier, and with little transferable education and western experience, it had been nearly impossible for him to land any work outside of the service industry. He was limited to scrubbing dishes or toilets.

With a recent work-related knee injury to add and a new baby in the mix, we knew it would be risky to build a business from scratch, but figured slogging it another year in a dead-end job couldn't compare.

The first year was a blur. We were taking cleaning jobs wherever we could and charging barely enough to cover the cost of supplies and labor. The jobs were pretty rough, and the clients at times were too. The first year we profited $18,000, yet we were overjoyed to have even profited at all. It was exciting to see it all unfold bit by bit; our website, our clients, our brand, our product, and our business built together with love and dedication.

Since 2015, we have been working toward building a solid cleaning company that provides a quality service for our neighbors in Tacoma and the Puget Sound region. Yet beyond that, we always knew there had to be more to our company ethos that we could share with our clients, friends and the greater community at-large.

Beyond our cleaning service, Tidy Tribe believes in ethical, sustainable, and compassionate business practices and aspires to be a role model for other service companies in this region.

One of the main tenets of Tidy Tribe is to provide and promote fair wage and working conditions for our amazing employees, who go above and beyond to help our community stay tidy.

That is why we are proud to announce that we are an active member of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, which advocates for domestic workers' rights. Right now representatives are working hard to pass a new Domestic Workers Bill of Rights for our most vulnerable populations of cleaning, child and adult care professionals, such as women of color and immigrants. Their work is immensely important to the livelihood of our children and families and should be treated as such.

Our hope is that by mandating rights and securities for all domestic workers, the beautiful and wonderful professionals in this field will begin to feel like valuable assets to the greater workforce and get the fair treatment they have been waiting so long to receive.

If you want to read more about the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, click here

It is exciting to finally be sharing tidbits from our greatest passions. We will continue to share news and ideas related to the tenets of our mission, including; domestic worker, women, and immigrant rights, sustainability and environmental rights, and other tidbits as they relate to the small business cleaning industry. Stay connected to our tribe and learn more about our philosophy in the City of Destiny, the Pacific Northwest, and maybe even beyond.

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